Oswego Ghost Hunters

Paranormal Investigators

Who we are

We are dedicated paranormal investigators that are here to help you with your haunting. We are also available to answer your questions. Only serious investigations are done. We are seeking evidence of paranormal occurrences. We have worked on many investigations and bring a scientific approach to the process of investigating a haunted location. There is never a charge for an investigation. We value our clients confidentiality so please be assured that information will not be shared with anyone. We investigate businesses, historic sites and private homes. No matter your circumstance we would be happy to discuss your current situation with you.

We here at OGH now have group team branches all along the east coast of the united states. If you are having strange activity in the home, no matter where you are on the east coast, we will have one of our local OGH teams nearest you come help you.

The Oswego ghost hunters is a paranormal investigation team based in Oswego, New York.  Our members share the belief that credible investigations of hauntings and supernatural phenomena requires the skillful coordination of research, interviews, scientific techniques and analyses. 

How can we help you?  Are you experiencing paranormal activity? Would you like someone to try to identify and explain the phenomena? If you are having odd occurrences in your home and have questions or would like to schedule an investigation, We are here to help you so email anytime with questions or concerns. Again we never charge for an investigation.

Our services address all aspects of the paranormal experience. Our commitment is to do what it takes to get to the core of the activity. We use current technologies operated by experienced investigators.

Investigating ghosts, spirits, and phenomena is our pleasure and our passion.  We are discreet, professional, and always mindful of your safety and ours!







What we do

We promises to bring professionalism, and confidentiality to each case we investigate. We understand that it is hard to contact someone like us, and we respect your right to privacy.

We bring recording devices to your home to capture evidence of paranormal activity, but they are only used with the homeowner's permission. We will not share or publish any of the media or any details of the case outside of the team.
Part of what we do is making someone feel comfortable during these times of fear and uncertainty. We will bring a comfortable atmosphere into your home, taking care of the most important thing, your discomfort. We will then help you to understand some of the natures of the problem supplying you with the information to understand why this is happening and how little danger is actually involved. We will listen to your experiences and concerns. Then we will set up equipment and begin trying to recreate personal experiences in an attempt to find good evidence either for or against paranormal activity. We will then share our findings with you and come to a conclusion.

We do this free of charge. We will not accept any money for this service whatsoever. Any expenses which may arise are covered by the team.

You are welcome to copies of any of the recorded media and we are here should you continue to need comfort or help.